Holi Sadhana Program 2013 Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat India

Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat – India has announced the dates for the 2013 Holi Sadhana Program will be from March 10-28 in Bhakti Dham, Mangarh (India). A special program celebrating Mahaprabhu Jayanti will take place on March 27.

holi hai2

This is the Amar-Ujala newspaper (Agra edition) announcement of Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj’s historic speech on “Shri Krishna Tattva” at Prem Mandir (Vrindaban, India), August 12, 2012, 6:30 pm-8:30 pm India Standard Time.

As mentioned in an earlier post this is a LIVE TELECAST on the Aastha Channel of a once-in-a-lifetime divine event. If you are outside of India, you may view this on the Aastha website (plugin download required) or the Turbo TV website.

Along with you, thousands of devotees from scores of countries will be viewing this historic event and engrossing themselves in the bliss emanating from Prem Mandir in holy Vrindaban dham.

Prem Mandir of Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat in Vrindaban Dham will be the center of the Shri Krishna Janmashtami celebrations on August 10, 2012.

To add to the already unlimited spiritual joy of Shri Krishna Janmashtami, Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj will be giving a historic lecture in Vrindavan Dham on August 11, 2012, at Prem Mandir.

Shri Maharaj Ji’s presentation will be broadcast live from 6:30 pm -8:00 pm (IST) on the Aastha Channel. You may be able to receive this on the Aastha International Channel (UK, USA and Canada) or view it live on Aastha’s India site.

If you are in India and planning to attend, for more information please contact –

Prem Mandir Information Bureau
Prem Mandir,
Bhaktivedanta Swami Road,
Chattikara Road
Shree Vrindavan Dham,
Mathura, U.P. 281121
Phone: +91 9870485000

Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki!

मम स्वामिनि श्यामा जू, मम जीवनि श्यामा जू

मम भामिनि श्यामा जू, , जय जय जय श्यामा जू ।

mama svamini Shyama ju, mama jivani Shyama ju
mama bhamini Shyama ju, jai jai jai Shyama ju

My Swamini is Shyama Ju (Shri Radha); my life is Shyama Ju.
All glories to the most excellent of Gopis, Shyama Ju.

मम माता श्यामा जू, मम दाता श्यामा जू,

मम त्राता श्यामा जू, जय जय जय श्यामा जू ।

mama mata Shyama ju, mama data Shyama ju
mama trata Shyama ju, jai jai jai Shyama ju

My mother is Shyama Ju; my provider is Shyama Ju.
My protector is Shyama Ju. All glories to Shyama Ju.

मम शासक श्यामा जू, म पालाक श्यामा जू,

मम प्रेरक श्यामा जू, जय जय जय श्यामा जू ।

mama shasaka Shyama ju, mama palaka Shyama ju
mama preraka Shyama ju, jai jai jai Shyama ju

My governor is Shyama Ju; my nurturer is Shyama Ju.
My inspirer is Shyama Ju. All glories to Shyama Ju.

मम मन महँ श्यामा जू, मम नैनन श्यामा जू,

मम प्रानन श्यामा जू, जय जय जय श्यामा जू ।

mama mana maham Shyama ju, mama nainana Shyama ju
mama pranana Shyama ju, jai jai jai Shyama ju

In my mind dwells Shyama Ju; in my eyes lives Shyama Ju.
In my soul resides Shyama Ju. All glories to Shyama Ju.

भीतर भी श्यामा जू, बाहर भी श्यामा जू,

दसहूँ दिसि श्यामा जू, जय जय जय श्यामा जू ।

bhitara bhi Shyama ju, bahara bhi Shyama ju
dasahum disi Shyama ju, jai jai jai Shyama ju

Inside is Shyama Ju; outside is Shyama Ju.
In the ten directions there is only Shyama Ju.
All glories to Shyama Ju.

गाऊँ गुन श्यामा जू, ध्यावूँ छवि श्यामा जू,

लाऊँ उर श्यामा जू, जय जय जय श्यामा जू ।

gaum guna Shyama ju, dhyaum chavi Shyama ju
laum ura Shyama ju, jai jai jai Shyama ju

I sing the glories of Shyama Ju; I meditate on Shyama Ju.
I bring to my heart Shyama Ju. All glories to Shyama Ju.

दीनन की श्यामा जू, पतितन की श्यामा जू,

अधमन की श्यामा जू, जय जय जय श्यामा जू ।

dinana ki Shyama ju, patitana ki Shyama ju
adhamana ki Shyama ju, jai jai jai Shyama ju

The protectress of humble souls is Shyama Ju,
the uplifter of sinners is Shyama Ju,
the friend of destitutes is Shyama Ju.
All glories to Shyama Ju.

जय श्री राधे।

~Jai Shri Radhey~

2012 Festival Calendar

Radha KrishnaThe following 2012 festivals will be celebrated in all the ashrams of Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj including Bhakti Dham (Mangarh, India), Rangeeli Mahal (Barsana, India), Shyama Shyam Dham (Vrindaban, India), Golok Dham (New Delhi, India):

28 January – Basant Panchami

8 March – Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Jayanti

9 March – Holi

1 April – Ram Navami

24 May – Akshya Tritya

1 June – Nirjala Ekadashi

3 July – Guru Purnima

22 July – Hariyali Teej

24 July – Naag Panchami

2 August – Raksha Bandhan

10 August – Shri Krishna Janmashtami

24 August  – Shri Radha Ashtami

24 October – Dusshera

29 October – Sharat Purnima

13 November – Deepawali

14 November – Govardhan Puja

28 November – Kartik Purnima

23 December  – Gita Jayanti

(Synopsis of a lecture given by Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj
on August 2, 2011, in Bhakti Dham, India)

All the scriptures, from the Vedas to the Ramayana, and all other religious books and spiritual paths to God believe that God is omnipresent. He doesn’t merely permeate everything, but He also resides in ours hearts as paramatma. In this form He is not just a divine presence but also a performer of action. He calculates the consequences of our uncountable accumulated karmas or actions of the past, gives those consequences in the form of our present destiny, and most importantly, He notes our current actions. Actions in this sense are our thoughts, not our physical actions.

Karmas were performed by all great Saints. For example, Arjuna killed millions in the war of the Mahabharat. Hanuman destroyed Lanka. But what was the internal state of their mind? This is what God observed, not their external actions. Similarly, our government has particular rules and laws. Only if a person commits a crime with premeditated intention to cause harm is his action called a crime. If it was an accident, his action won’t be judged a crime. For example, the car a person was driving was in good operating condition, he had a license, and suddenly a man walked in front of his car to commit suicide. He won’t be found guilty of any crime, because he had no premeditated intention.

A worldly court can only examine physical evidence. God is not like this. He notes our internal intention, judges it and gives a consequence. God Himself does all this work. If we were to reflect upon and practice this understanding, all crime and wrong actions would come to an end. It also would put an end to all police departments and armies.

Otherwise, if a government gave an opportunity for its citizens in the next 24 hours to do whatever they wanted with no consequences, then after 24 hours you could imagine what condition that country would be in. The capacity for this wrongdoing is in all of us, hidden. But due to fear of the law and punishment, we resist acting out in this way.

So what we have to realize is that God is really and truly seated within and He is noting our every thought and organizing the consequences we will receive for that. He won’t listen to our excuses or give us time in court for our case. He will straightaway give us a punishment. This realization has to be practiced. You heard it – that’s fine. You also read it – that is also fine. Still, it’s not enough. It has to be practiced.

For example, you believe your physical father is your father. This is very firm in your understanding. Why? You repeatedly thought, “He is my father.” You did this on the basis of what he and others told you. So to practise the understanding of God’s presence, repeatedly think, “God is seated in my Heart. I am not alone. We are together.”

Dva suparna sayuja sakhaya samannam vriksham parikhasvajatey.
(Shvetashvataropanishad, 4/6)

The Vedas are also saying this.

Ur prerak raghuvansh vibhushana. (Ramayana)

He is residing in everyone, even in evil rakshasas. Look at the situation that occurred with Hiranyakashipu. He said to Prahlad, “Does God dwell in the home of demons?” Prahlad said, “Yes, He does.” “Well,  is He in this pillar?” “Yes, He is.” Finally when Bhagwan Narsingh appeared, Hiranyakashipu had no doubt about this.

So we have to practice this. Everything we have achieved in the world we have accomplished through practice. When you are driving, you simultaneously talk to friends in the car, talk on the phone, see what is behind you, avoid what is on the road, look to the left and right. Is this some special skill that we humans possess? No, this was all accomplished through practice. All the amazing things that you see circus performers do is the result of practice.

Just add one more practice to what you already know – practice the presence of God. If you do, you will become peaceful. The amount of anxiety, restlessness and lack of peace in the world is escalating. Whether we become a victim of this or transcend it is in our hands.

God gave us such a machine in the form of the mind, that the intellect can’t go against its own judgments. The mind acts according to the intellect, and the senses act according to the mind. None of these can revolt against each other or strike. Whatever the intellect decides, it follows in a straight line all the way down.

A five year old boy is on his way to school and he passes by a shop that is making jalebis, “Oh, yummy!” But he didn’t bring any money with him today. He thinks, “If I take even one, the shopkeeper will punish me! He has a terrible temper.” With great regret, he longingly gazes at the jalebis as he walks past the store, just because his intellect said, “You will get a beating.” So everything is dependent on the intellect. The Vedas say,

Atmanagwam rathinam vidhi shariragwam ratha meva cha…
Kathopanishad 1/3/3-4

God gave us a chariot. There is a passenger seated on this. There are horses, who are being guided by bridles. The reins of the bridles are in the hands of a driver, who is determining the direction of the chariot. Why were we given the chariot? The Vedas say you were given this chariot in the form of the body to go to God. The passenger is the soul. The horses are the senses. The reins are the mind. The driver is the intellect. In the world, horses can run away with a chariot, but our chariot is different – as the intellect dictates, so the other parts have to obediently follow.

In the heat of the hot season, who wants to get up in the morning? No matter who it is, everyone feels sleepy. Your spouse shakes you, “Hey, it’s six o’clock.” “6:00??? Oh, no I have to get up to go to the office.” You don’t think, “Just go to sleep! Forget about the office!” If you forget about the office, they will forget about you by firing you. So in all these instances of life, we are careful. Similarly, we have to come to this realization of God’s presence through practice. If we say, “No, I won’t do it,” we will still have to come back to this even if it is after 10,000 lifetimes. Plus if we do it, we attain peace.

If everyone were to accept and follow this, the pious age of satyuga would come again on this earth. Otherwise, every rule and manner of civil behavior we have to externally enforce. This doesn’t create true peace. Instead we think the really important things to do in life are to make more money, act according to our whims, and engage in as many sensual entertainments as possible. These tendencies will only go away when we remember God’s presence. If we don’t practice remembering Him, then the consequence is tension and the suffering that comes from incarnating in lower species – because there is no guarantee that we will receive a human birth in our next life.

Iha che dashkadbodhum prasharirasya visrasah. (Vedas)

The human form is only occasionally received in millions of lifetimes.

Kabahunk kari karuna nar dehi,
deta Isha binu hetu sanehi.

God grants this sometimes according to our karmas. Thus, begin by practising this every hour. Don’t say anything aloud. No one has to know what you are doing. For just one second think, “He is seated within.” Then repeat this every 30 minutes. You can still do this while working. You don’t have to enter into meditative trance to do this. Then repeat this every 15 minutes. After this, the feeling, “He really is seated within,” will come naturally.

Think of the pride that a billionaire like Mukesh Ambani or Bill Gates has when they think about their position in life. But what would we feel if we fully realized that supreme God who is the Lord of the universe is seated in our hearts? This feeling would remain and we wouldn’t be able to perform wrong action.